Hiding Flash Paper Toolbar

Ok. So Flash Paper is very cool but Macromedia now Adobe is forcing their branding on it, and that's just not cool. Unless it has changed in the past 6 months hiding their "brand" is a violation of the EULA for Flash Paper 2.0. With that said here is the code to hide the toolbar and if you like the toolbar and just want to hide the logo/brand you can do that as well. The only catch is the logo is just hidden and does not allow the other tools to slide over and fill up the empty space created by simply hiding their logo. There is the possiblity to make a custom toolbar and mimic the features but it's not on my to do list at the moment.

Useful links:
Adobe Official API for Flash Paper 2
Hacking Flash Paper
Flash Paper API Object Dump

To use the following code simply create a new Flash Document and dump this into the action panel. For this to work you must has first created a Flash Paper document which this code will load.
function loadFlashPaper(
path_s, // path of SWF to load
dest_mc, // MC which we should replace with the SWF
width_i, // new size of the dest MC
height_i, // new size of the dest MC
loaded_o) // optional: object to be notified that loading is complete
var intervalID = 0;
var loadFunc = function()
dest_mc._visible = false;
var fp = dest_mc.getIFlashPaper();

if (!fp)

if (fp.setSize(width_i, height_i) == false)

dest_mc._visible = true;
_level0.dest_mc.toolbar_mc._alpha = 0; //hides toolbar completely
// _level0.dest_mc.document_mc.bg_mc._alpha = 0; //scroll bar
_level0.dest_mc.toolbar_mc.brandClip_mc._visible = 1; //Macromedia Branding - violate current EULA to hide

intervalID = setInterval(loadFunc, 100);
foo = {};
foo.onLoaded = function(fp){

loadFlashPaper("WhartonCentury.swf",dest_mc,462, 604,foo);

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