A Team of One

I'm a programmer, team of one. I have been for most of my programming days although I worked for a small company for a few years that had about 30 developers. I enjoy my days without the drama that is naturally generated by the "team". But I miss the experience and availability a developer that is part of a team enjoys. Getting "stuck" as a solo developer just sucks!

Over the years I've found some great online resources but, so far, none have replaced walking down the hall and asking someone in person. None of this really has much to do with DeveloperBuzz.com, I just need to get it started and brief introduction fit the bill. I hope to use this blog for developer tips and tools review.

I recently switched to Visual Studio 2005 and finished two websites using ASP.Net 2.0. It is really easy. For all those Microsoft haters I started out using Apache, MSQL, and PHP but got hired at a Microsoft based shop and I'm pretty happy with the brainwashing that occured. VBScript and now VB.NET was and is much easier to understand and implement than PHP.

General Resources:

Dot Net Resources:
Telerik.com Subscription (going on two years now, it is worth it)

Visual Studio Plugins:
DevExpress.com - CodeRush (I'm testing this now)

If you have something to say about Dot Net development, have a tip, or a review that would be of interest to developers I would really like to post it. I'm currently using Blogger.com since it was simple to use and allows others to post.

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