Spam Be Gone

So I finally gave up trying to use the built in "Junk E-Mail" feature in Outlook. It could be I'm too lazy to figure it our OR more likely it just doesn't work very well. It was catching about 30% leaving my in box filled with 100 SPAM emails and 10 or so real emails.

So I did a Google search and found a few programs. The most attractive to me at first glance was SpamBully After reading a few reviews and the developers website I downloaded the trial and installed it.

After you install SpamBully and open Outlook for the first time it will teach itself by reading your inbox and other folders. So far for me in the last few hours alone it has caught 100% of the spam and only had one false positive which I easily corrected by selecting it and hitting the Not Spam button. I hope these false positives are few and far between and that the program will continue to learn.

I will follow up this entry and my experience with SpamBully continues through the trial period. In the past few months my spam has grown to over 150 per day. I can barely leave it for more than a few hours before it gets completely overrun.

By the way it's only $29.95. For me and probably my other business partners this well worth the money.

Report DateTotal EmailsGood EmailsSpam EmailsFalse PositivesFalse NegativesAccurancy
11/04/06 06:30 (0 hr)00000n/a
11/05/06 06:30 (24hr)22052132 0 99.09%
11/07/06 08:30 (72hr)743 25 706 10 0 98.65%
11/12/06 11:481771 75 1664 26 1 98.48%
11/17/2006 09:59PM 14 Days2871 161 2660 42 1 98.50%

Today I purchased the SpamBully.

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