LLBLGen Pro Reviews and Information

After listening to the latest DotNetRocks.com Podcast I became interested in
LLBLGen. An OR mapper and code generator. The price is about $325 and is a
little steep for a solo developer like me but from what I've been reading I
can probalby double or triple my productivity and get a list of projects off
of my wish list.

Some of the more useful reviews and discussions are listed below.

http://www.mayvelous.com/?p=305 - general overview
of features
http://www.mayvelous.com/?p=306 - same author as above but this is a comparison against CodeSmith

There are also a lot of good and seemingly unbiased discussions in the
LLBLGen.com forums. The LLBLGen creators are pationate about their product
but do not seem to keep people from posting their true comments about the
product on their forum. GOOD JOB!

UPDATE 06/16/2007: I purchased LLBLGen last weekend just before going to see the Shuttle Atlantis launch, it was awesome btw. I'll try to post a video and stills later for whoever is interested. Just this week LLBLGen launched a beta of their next version 2.5 which a lot of enhancements. I haven't even used the 2.0 yet so I'm already behind in getting it into production.

All that being said I got an email the other day from Jonathan www.jonathanparker.com.au
telling me about SubSonic www.subsonicproject.com another ORM and one I looked at briefly but skipped because it was open source. I can admit maybe I jumped a little too soon and today I'm trying to watch as many of the Subsonic webcasts and get familiar with it asap. I don't think I made a mistake with LLBLGen but the learning curve is high with it and for most projects it is probably a little too much. Subsonic however, from what I've learned today, is simple and does make the DAL for you and that's all I really wanted anyway.

Subsonic Links:
Home Page - http://subsonicproject.com
DotNetRocks Podcast on Subsonic - http://www.dotnetrocks.com/default.aspx?showNum=196

Subsonic Webcasts (that I've found so far, please email or comment if you know more):
Introduction - http://www.wekeroad.com/actionpackintro.html
Website Setup Walkthrough -
Setting Up Your Website With SubSonic


  1. Anonymous9:12 AM

    I'm always surprised that cost comes up when developers weigh up buying a coding utility. Frankly $325 dollars is good value for something which will save you untold time on projects. Even if you are soloing for say $200 per day, this product will only take you 2 days to pay for. You'll make a lot more in return. It's probably the best $325 I've ever spent on a piece of software.

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