Word 2007 "Running virus scan..." Status Bar Annoyance

I'm not sure who to blame this on Grisoft or Microsoft but here is a fix, albiet an insecure and potentially dangerous one.

Solution 1 - Microsoft KB (didn't work for me)

Solution 2 - Tech Support Guy Forums (did work)

I'm running the free version of Grisoft's anti-virus scanner. I also use their commercial version on the two web servers I manage.

Here is a link to an official Grisoft FAQ about disabling the plugin for outlook.

Keep in mind this will disable the plugin Grisoft made for office programs so always know the source of your word documents before opening. I hope one of them fixes this issue and allows the plug to work properly and remove the useless text from the status bar in word 2007.


  1. Anonymous12:17 PM

    That link for Grisoft's site would help if it had anythint to do with it. Click on that link. It talks about a plug-in for Outlook that has NOTHING to do with MS Word or that "running virus scan..." thing. I have that problem still and your two separate fixes didn't fix crap for me.

  2. It does fix the problem and did for me.

    I'm not tech support for Microsoft or Grisoft just a developer. If it doesn't fix your issue move on to another one that will.

    Had you been a tad nicer I would have liked to figure out why it didn't work for you. But your rude and you can just figure it out yourself.

  3. Anonymous7:41 AM

    Outlook uses Word as its email editor, so really you are fixing a bug in word all along. What a grumpy first comment. Thanks for the info, I do wish there was a better fix than removing the protection though.