Why Vista Sucks!

Just ordered a new dev machine, parts as suggested by Scott Hanselman.

Core2Quad with 4gb ram - COOL.

so I thoght I might as well try Vista x64 since I just received my CD from MSDN. And my new dell laptop has Vista and it's working "OK".

Installed Vista x64 and immediately had the following problems:
- MSI raid driver doesn't work and eventually killed the mirror set I setup. back to one disk for the moment.
- vista search, sucks. why is everyone so happy about this. it sucks on my install and the disk is constantly running, no pause button.
- could not run Google Desktop Search, would start but error out
- could not run a 3rd party app "Chronopipe" which allows me to sync between basecamp and quickbooks. Thanks to the idiots at Intuit you must be running with UAC ON!
- as per a bunch of Performance Tests (Passmark.com) it runs 8-10% slower than my 32-bit XP Sp2 install. Disk performance on vista is 30% slower.

Specific to Office 2007 Outlook as this problem happens on my Win XP sp2 install as well. Outlook while checking email causes some major problem and the pc shutsdown. no notice either just off. this may be a hardware issue and I'm running and swapping out memory to see if it's just bad ram causing this anomaly.

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