Why Vista Sucks Part III

first off I can't believe I had to change this to a Part series and not just a couple of posts.

Part III is all about the new Office 2007 Enterprise.

I was trying to pull up a template from within Word 2007 and when I tried to download it gave me an error about not having Genuine software. So I double checked that my version of Word was Activated, it is.

What is the problem? Well apparently I hadn't Activated Visio 2007. I haven't used visio since installing Vista x64 so I had not activated it.

So apparently the Genuine Advatage program checks for ANY "non-genuine" software and cripples other software that is not related. In this instance Microsoft decided that my Genuine copy of Office 2007 - Word would be crippled by a yet undecided version of Visio 2007.

I blame all this on Steve Balmer. Ever since he took over at MSFT the software (os and office) have gone to crap. Their developer division which should be split off into another company is awesome! i've been a developer for over 10 years and since my switch from Apache/Perl/PHP/mSQL zI have been a happy VBScript and now .Net developer. But their new POS Vista needs to be put down.

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