Shopper is my most Useful iPhone App So Far

Shopper is my new favorite iPhone app. It is $4.99 but worth it. I was using the built in ToDo list to make my shopping list but that is a pain. I tried the ZenBe To Do, which is cool and better than the built in one but not made for shopping list either. ZenBe To Do is free.

I entered my entire shopping list in about 3 minutes and only a few keystrokes per entry as it auto completes from a built in list. As a bonus you can press the "Group" button and it will group all of your shopping cart items to make finding them a little easier. And if you are like me you add things as you need to and not as you will find them in the store.

For items it does not already have a listing for like Hot Dogs you can add it quickly then change the category, which defaults to Uncategorized to Meats or Milk to the Dairy category. Yes I do find it odd they don't have Hot Dogs and Milk already in their database.

Their website has a few video's demonstrating the app as well.

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