Free Tools from and Telerik

Just came across this link on DotNetKicks for 60 free components tools from

One of the comments on DotNetKicks asked "what's the catch?". I don't think there is a catch. DevExpress has a TON of other tools in their full Windows and ASP.NET Suite. Not to mention CodeRush/Refactor Pro, which I own and keep updated.

I should also mention Telerik Tools. I've been a subscriber for the past 3 years of their Telerik Tools Suite, which now includes WinForms, ASP.NET, and Reporting tools. I wouldn't build a website without my Telerik tools now. You can play around with their components from their demo page

They offer a free version of their CMS called SiteFinity which uses a few of their components like the RAD Editor and RAD Tree.

We just launched our first SiteFinity site for one of our clients at Eyespike Design
and it really made a difference in helping us deliver a very robust website within a constrained budget.

So hook your self up with some time saving and awesome free components.

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