Apple's New MacBook's - Beautiful but missing that one more thing... a price cut

Adam Frucci at Gizmodo pretty much echo's my feeling exactly regarding the price difference between an entry level Dell laptop and the New $1,299 Apple MacBook.
And it's not like Apple is offering anything great for my $550. You have a fancy new manufacturing process, awesome. Your trackpads are glass. OK. I'd rather have $550 and a plastic trackpad, thanks. I'm not sold on no physical buttons anyways.

The new Apple MacBook and MacBook Pro's are stunning and basically works of Art. But the price and the missing mouse buttons are just disappointing. I've been waiting for this event for months and I'm ready for a new laptop from Apple.

My hope for today was an announcement of a 15" MacBook at around $999. I will probably still get the 13" at $1,299 because I'm a nut, just like Steve Job's and his mission to remove all buttons.

Apple's New MacBook

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