Allow your customers to make their own Data Grid with the new DevExpress Filter Control

I was exploring the DevExpress tools and found something that will really help reduce the time I spend making simple but needed data grids. With the DevExpress Filter Control and Grid Control you can allow end users to create custom data grids without the bother or fear of validating input controls.

There are two versions of the filter control. One that is built into the ASPxGridView and one that is standalone that acts like a datasource control with a frontend editor. You can take a look at the control here and watch demos of the built in filter control or the standalone.

Live Demo and Video
ASPxGridView with builtin Filter Control Live Demo Video Demo
ASPxGridView paired to the standalone Filter Control Live Demo Video Demo

The DevExpress Filter Control is available in their DXperience 2008 vol 3 control suite.

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