Free Wufoo vs Free JotForm - Quick Compare

I've been using Wufoo since mid 2009 about when it started. So long that I still have the original Ad Hoc price of $9.95 per month instead of the current price of $14.95.

It's still a great and reliable service if you need to handle forms. However recently I found out about JotForm after someone on twitter posted about their new user feedback service it's pretty neat. So I took a look at their core product JotForm.

In short offer's more features and better pricing than Wufoo. Isn't competition awesome! :-) Free Plan
    - 3 Forms
    - 10 Fields per Form
    - 3 Reports
    - No Storage Space (unless you upgrade to $14.95mo plan)
    - No SSL (unless you upgrade to $29.95mo plan)
    - 100 entries / month
    - No Payments Accepted (unless you upgrade to $29.95mo plan) Free Plan
    + Unlimited Forms
    + Unlimited Fields per Form
    + Unlimited Reports
    + 100mb Storage Space (for uploads from forms)
    + 10 SSL Secure Submission per month

    = 100 non-secure submissions per month
    + 10 Payments per month

= same
- offers less than competitor
+ offers more than competitor's $9.95 plan offers even more and is between WuFoo's $14.95mo and $29.95mo plan.

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